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Jigoku Shoujo Review - That There Crazy Otaku
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Jigoku Shoujo Review
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Enma Ai, also known as Jigoku Shoujo, has a very important job. She takes revenge on your behalf, by sending the person you hate straight to hell. All you have to do is to go to the Hell Correspondence website at the stroke of midnight and she will come to you. But there is a price to pay for her service. When you curse someone two holes open to hell.

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The first hole is for the person you cursed the moment you pull the red string from the straw doll. The second is for yourself, for when you die you will also fall straight to hell without any hope.

Now that you understand her job, lets talk about the anime. This anime looks GOOD. The character designs took a little while to get used to but I have to say they really work. The first 7 episodes are pure formula. Each start with a weakling going through pure hell . Each one is different, it could be caused by bullies, stalkers, death of a loved one, or even overprotective parents. Unable to deal with their lives they go to Jigoku Shoujo for help. But get slowed down on thier path to revenge when they find out that they too shall one day go to hell if they curse someone. Person A trys once more to solve their problems themselves, fail miserably. And finally give in and curse them by pulling the red string. At this point the person B at the receiving end to this curse is sent through hell till Enma Ai shows up.

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After this person B wakes up on a small little raft as she ferrys them to Hell. And we get a nice little view on how person A's life has done a 180 and everything is sunshine again.
The rest of the show adds in a freelancer journalist who wants to protect these people and stop them from sending others to hell. And his daughter who has a strange connection with Enma Ai allowing her to see who summons her. These are the first people outside of Hells Correspondence to show up for more then one episode. Though try as they might the formula is hard to break.

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As I said before the Animation is top notch, but does suffer from the reuse of some scenes. In fact Enma herself says nothing but the same 15 lines for more then half the show. But those things never take away from the show. And is all part of how this show is meant to be rather episodic.
The music is wonderful and fits the mood in every scene. I especially love the song used when someone is cursed, good stuff.
There is a good amount of character development for Enma, the Freelancer, and his daughter. But the rest of the Hell Correspondence is left as a total mystery. The fact that this show is only 25 minutes long probably hurt it, in each episode they have to introduce persons A/B and give us a glimpse as to the hell they are going through. As well as how much person A can take before they finally can't stand their lives anymore. Early in the series there are a few episodes that just didn't have enough time for the story it wanted to tell. But by the end of the series this anime has mastered the 25 minutes it has.

This show is a wonderful trip and I can't wait to get my hands on the new season. It reminded me a lot of the first few episodes of Paranoia Agent. As long as your ok with looking into the darker nature of humans I highly recommend this show.

But as to whether you'll watch this show or not...
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