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That There Crazy Otaku
Cause all he does with his life is watch anime and play videogames
One Month ago I created a WordPress, Mostly it was because I've always desired a blog. And LJ is a pretty poor excuse as one. I was impressed with what WordPress was offering so I tried it out. 1 month and I am NOT disappointed in the slightest.
Every other week I have an amazing moment when I realize there are people reading what I write. I have no idea why they are but they are. I've even seen one google search looking FOR one of my posts, and another looking for "crazy otaku blog", that was crazy right there.
Speaking of Google, it's pretty neat looking at what search words will bring up my site and how far in it is. Bluestreak2 will of course bring up ALLL sorts of websites I'm part of, there are some other search results where I also show up. And that's another amazing feeling.

I've also posted on the thing almost 40 times in the month I've had it up. Looking back at my LJ, I have a total of 59 posts, well 60 once this one goes up. And that was over the span of almost 2 years.

So ya, I'm really happy with wordpress. And I can't wait to find out what the future will bring.
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Well, I gave in and set up a WordPress. http://bluestreak2.wordpress.com/
Still playing around with it a bit, I have to say it's 100 times better then what LJ gave me. The question of readers is bigger then ever, but then that's me thinking I have readers to begin with.

It'll probably continue to have a couple small changes here and there while I figure out what exactly it is that I want. But first impressions leave me loving the new site. AND the lack of advertisements is a HUGE plus in my opinion.
Also still trying to dicide on if I want to bring over more of my LJ posts or if I should just start fresh.....
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Currently playing around with idea of trying to get a real blog and not just use an LJ. I would of course prefer to get one at Animeblogger.net. I was playing around with the idea a lot last year before I shipped out. But then realizing that even if I did get one I wasn't that great at updating, no idea on readers(I really don't know much about this one.) AND if I had applied for one then I would have felt bad cause I wouldn't have been able to use it much anyways till I got back. So I decided against it back then, but now I'm back and will be back till at least July and the idea of getting a real blog interests me.

Currently Wordpress stands out as being the primechoice if I did it. And it even offers the ability to pull the stuff I have here over, which is a neat idea. The second thing it would do is actually give me statistics, currently the only times I know someone has read anything I write is when they comment.  And that's not all that often.
I kinda figure that people on my friends list can read my posts. But again, I have no idea if they really are or anything...........

I think I'll just continue playing around with the idea....... or test run.


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So I missed a good bit of anime thanks to being away at AIT and such. Important shows like Gurren Lagann, and Shakugan no Shana 2 I had sent to me but the ones that weren't high on my list I just waited for when I was back with my constant income of anime and I would go back and watch those shows once I felt it was time.

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There comes a game once every year that is so epic amazing that it sweeps the internet with joy and everyone cries out to their friends that they must buy this game and experience true gaming joy.

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I missed the original airing of the School Days anime thanks to being in AIT at the time. But I heard about the fact that the last ep was postponed (as was Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai) and then was eventually aired in an edited form. I had already seen the 3 bad ends from the game so I could understand. I even heard about the whole Nice Boat incident and all these things added to the reasons why I wanted to eventually watch the show.

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So, with Avatar the Last Airbender finally showing it's last episodes(in movie form). I must say, this show rocked. And the last few episodes could not have been more awesome. But it's always depressing to finish a truly great show. You want more, and yet realize that even if you get your wish for more it'll never live up to the first. Especially with that ending. Though I wouldn't say no to more Avatar.

If you have yet to watch Avatar, please give it a chance. Just because it's a Nickelodeon cartoon doesn't automatically make it unworthy. You'll see that it is easily one of the best series to come out in the last several years. Not just on Nick or American or anything like that, I mean of ALL the TV shows of the last few years this one is easily in the top 5.
Anyways, I just really feel strongly that sometimes there are shows/movies that can go beyond the "Animation is for 10 year old kids" and this is one of them.

In other news, I finally finished Metal Gear Solid for the first time ever. It took several years for me to finally achieve this task, but I did it. And it was awesome. Technically I finally finished it in the remake on GameCube. All I know is that the cinematics are just that much more badass in this version, then possible on the original Playstation. But it was a VERY good game and I can only hope that the next one won't take me several years to beat as well. (The main reason I didn't beat it the last time I tried was I last played MGS on my PSP and it didn't support disc swapping at the time.)

Finally, today I watched the 2nd Appleseed movie. Somehow I was unimpressed..... The first movie at the very least was a VERY good looking action movie. And this one tried to live up to that but just never had the same lvl of action as the first. This second one also had an even weaker plot. How it could fail to deliver on both of these even compared to the first movie, I have no idea.

Obviously after recapping today... well yesterday. I think I had a bit of an Action Movie craving......  I'm thinking next up, I'll watch the Macross movie, Do You Remember Love. And also play a bit of Tales of Symphonia, really want to play more of this game.

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You may ask, what could Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, and Assassin's Creed have in common?
Well, the answer I can give you to that is, I just finished both of them. ^_^

Though my real post on Macross shall come later, just like my post on the first Eva movie, after I watch the alternate retelling in Do You Remember Love, the prequel Macross Zero, Macross II. I'll be skipping Macross 7 and everything related to it since I have yet to hear a single positive thing about it, in fact I have heard MANY people recommend to stay away from it.
And once done with all that I can finally watch Macross Frontier, the show that finally made me go, man, I should get around to watching the rest of the show so that I know what's going on.

As for Assassin's Creed, my recent VideoGame conquest. Well, I actually REALLY wish they had made the game only half as long as it was. When I first put the game in my reaction was OMG THIS GAME LOOKS GOOD. The 2nd was "WEEEeEEeEEe!!!!!" as I had fun running on roof tops and jumping off towers and killing every guard I passed on the streets. It was great fun, and the story wasn't bad, not great, but definitely not bad. Then somewhere near the middle of the game things suddenly go from being fun to monotonous, your completing the exact same missions over and over again with the only pay out being 10 minutes of that same lvl of fun you used to enjoy when you actually go in for the kill of that lvl. And it's clear Ubisoft realized that they needed to change something up, but their idea was, "How about increase the # of Guards EVERYWHERE and at the same time make them slightly harder to kill" .......The combat system in this game is great for the occasional fight of a few guards. But when you get a group of 20+ guards around you and your stuck in a mission to save a citizen where you HAVE to kill every last one of them without running away, it just became tedious. The combat is pretty cinematic and when I first started playing it was great fun pulling off combo kills and counters. But by then you've seen every animation so the reward is also dulled.
So I hold fast that the first half of the game was great fun, I totally enjoyed it. I just really wish they had mixed it up in some way for the second half or even cut it shorter.

I knew going in that the game was a first of a trilogy, and that many were disappointing by the ending. My thoughts on it were, oh neat, thank God they finally explained the dreams he was having, looks like we'll be playing this guy again next game.

And since I'm here anyways might as well mention that the Dark Knight was an amazing movie, truly enjoyed that one.
Oh, of course I also have to mention that this weekend AVATAR the Last Airbender is ending, yesterday was a new episode, there's another new episode tonight(Reboot inspired recap episode in my opinion), and then Saturday the 4 episode finale.

also, KAIFUN is my new favorite character to HATE of all time. I hated him Soooooooooooooooooo much.

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Much like the HD VS BlueRay war the moment a single super company decides on one over the other, in that case Walmart among others, the victor of the war is decided.

This E3 has ONLY JUST BEGUN, and yet there is already been one truly unexpected development that very well may have the same inpact.
Square Enix has stated that their FLAGSHIP title "Final Fantasy XIII" will be coming out on BOTH the PS3, AND the Xbox 360.
With only one title (MGS4) to call its own, while the 360 is getting exclusives* left and right, this looks like it could be the killing blow for the PS3.

Other exciting news is a Portal sequal called "Portal: Still Alive". It has been confirmed to be available to the XBLA this fall, but of course Anything VALVE makes I prefer on the PC so I can only hope that it will come out on STEAM as well.

Anyways, E3 has only JUST started and already it's proving to be worth the wait in news. I can only hope that Microsoft doesn't own the show to much.

* It should be noted that MANY of the exclusives on the 360 Eventually make their way to Windows in an even better incarnation at times. (Lost Planet, GoW, Mass Effect, and the Halo games are SLOWER but they get there eventually, and many more. Multiplatform titles also do this though the extra content isn't always there, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, DMC4, and GTA4 will probably also get there eventually.)
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I didn't know she was your little sister.  REALLY!!!

So after much pain and far more money then I really should have spent I finally got to play and beat BIOSHOCK for the 360. It was a VERY good game, good story, plenty of flexibility to do things your own way. It was just a really great game, and even though I'm one of those people who got freaked out when headcrabs would jump out of air ducts in Half Life. I still enjoyed this game VERY much and XDDDD learned that I can freak out far more then what I would over headcrabs. Also worth mentioning that I only missed 5 audiotapes, otherwise I found EVERY little sister and EVERY weapons upgrade without the need for a guide. I also got all but 2 achievements both of which are for the Hard Mode.

If anyone who reads this was EVER on the rope about this game, GET IT. No question it's a game people should play.
Now I'll be moving onto the next game on my list, and eventually someday maybe I'll replay this game on hard and I will travel the route of evil to see the ALT ending.

Notable moments:
BIGDADDY killing, DUDE soooooo many different ways to kill them and all of them sooooooo satisfying.
The oh you thought you were almost done but your hell is only just starting, TWIST!
The "Who Is Atlas" posters
And of course Andrew Ryan's speech as you descend into Rapture. Actually just make that all of his speeches.

"A man chooses, a slave obeys."

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